What is WOTFL?

Worshippers on the Frontline began in 2009 as a vision given by God to its founder Prophet Joshua Peters Smith to gather together worshippers for a time of instruction and impartation. The first Summit was held in June of 2009 at Prophet Joshua’s home church at the time. Based on Judges 20:18 when the tribe of Judah were commanded to be sent first [The Frontline] into battle, this Summit has been a clarion call for those who serve on the frontlines of ministry. As the years progressed, Worshippers on the Frontline quickly became known throughout the Southeastern region of the United States as not only a “refilling station” for worshippers but also mobilization ground for intercessors.

Nine years later, Worshippers on the Frontline summit has become one of the most talked about and highly anticipated gatherings of Believers in this region with delegates from an average of seven states represented yearly. We have previously hosted internationally renowned Kingdom voices such as Minister Myron Williams, Apostle Alvernis Johnson, Bishop Jason Nelson, and Dr. Jacqueline McCullough. After a two year hiatus, the Summit returns to the beautiful beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

What can I expect? You can expect a free atmosphere of high praise, violent intercession, and unrestrained worship.  Anything can happen on The Frontline! This year’s summit is a praise, worship, and prayer experience designed to bring every Believer into a deeper understanding of their call to the Frontlines of praise, worship, and prayer.


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